I’m moving.

Looks like come April, I’ll be moving to Lagos, In Portugal.

I have been offered a work opportunity which I need to take in order to pass my college term successfully and proceed into my final year of college.

Lagos looks amazing and everything I have read about justifies my expectations.

I will be moving over alone which I am a little nervous about but I’m sure i’ll fit right in with the team i’ll be working with.



I am at that age where I just want to go and experience life, I don’t want to be depressed in a rainy city for the rest of my summer and possibly life. Life isn’t about that…. in my book anyway 🙂


Exams are over… life begins.

Helllloooo guys,

I forgot about this blog for awhile while I studied for my exams and enjoyed Christmas, thank god my exams are over and I can enjoy myself again… I’m not quite sure how they went but I am praying for good results.

I bought an Iphone 5 over Christmas so i’m trying to link my instagram (WinnieMarley) Do follow me there too!!

Plenty of updates coming to this blog from tomorrow!! xo

Things Change.

Christmas holidays are starting to feel a little too long but it’s back to college next week for me to sit my five exams, and in a strange way i’m quite looking forward to getting back…missing my apartment, my bed and my housemates and friends!!

Before I leave though planning on going into the city to buy my iphone 5… my blackberry is annoying the hell out of me.

I’m going to be extremely busy the next while so if im MIA… i’ll be back the 12th of Jan! ❤


Shoe crazy!

I decided to treat myself to some new stuff, amongst what I purchased were these two beauties, I love the first pair because they scream fabulous and the second pair screams super classy, I can’t wait to bring them with me for my trip away to England next month! 🙂



I have been super busy and incredibly distracted trying to study for my exams that start January 4th and finish on the 12th, I am sitting five exams in total and can’t wait until they’re over and done with. 🙂

I am currently taking a study break so I thought that I would upload a picture or two, here is one from last night… before I went onstage I took a picture on my band mate’s phone




Dress me up!

This first one is from Topshop and I love it, it’s tight and clings your curves without showing off too much, I love it.

ImageThis second dress is from a website called Missguided.co.uk

I love that the colour is so electric you can do such much with the dress, you can wear it as a day dress AND as a night time dress just throw on a pair of black Jeffery Campbell’s and the outfit is complete.