Three is never a crowd.

Two of my favorite friend friends, Honestly.. love these two girls the antics that we get up to are some of my favorite moments to date.. I am so excited to share yet ANOTHER holiday with them and the rest of the girls 🙂

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Melbourne city nightlife wallpaper manchester-cheap-ticketsJust booked  my first trip of 2013… a weekend trip to Manchester in England with some friends our flight leaves a week after we finish our  semester one exams ( that are held in January for some odd reason) but hey, Something to look forward to!

Can’t wait to experience the nightlife and culture… yay!

”At the end of every Rainbow, there’s a pot of GOLD” 😉


You let me win
You let me ride
You let me rock
You let me slide
And when they looking
You let me hide
Defend my honor
Protect my pride
The good advice
I always hated
But looking back
It made me greater
You always told me
Forget the haters
Just get my money
Just get my weight up…..



Went shopping today with some friends, It is always so hectic shopping around Christmas time, oh my god!!

I picked up two chunky knitted sweaters that I adore, a pair of skinny jeans and some jewelry.

Little sneak peak of my outfit, LOVE my MK watch!


I am also pug CRAZY and fell in love with this T-shirt!! I have been meaning to buy a pug puppy but because i’m always away traveling and never home it would not be fair to dump the dog on my family, but hopefully next year things may get a little calmer and i’ll be able to buy one.



Men GUD!!!

jag vaknade inte tills 3pm!!!!

So annoying.. I woke up and I have a huge head cold and sniffy nose so I’m stuck in my bed for the day drinking herbal medicine and hoping that I’ll get better before the morning.

I’ll probably spend the day watching movies in bed…  😦


Dream Job!

I spent today applying for jobs for my college work experience which is coming up in the New Year, I have spoken a little about it before and today I applied to my DREAM job in L.A!

I don’t want to speak about too much and get my hopes up but I would be the happiest girl in the world if I got it.

Positive thinking 🙂

(Poolside in San Diego, summer just gone)


Christmas Break!

I am finally on a 2 week break from college, but of course the work never stops in my college as my exams are at the beginning of January so I have to use these two weeks wisely and study my butt off.

I do have a couple of things that I do want to do (apart from work like a maniac)

1. Go Ice Skating with friends

2. Go for Dinner and a catch up with a friend

3. Go Shopping for some new clothes (new year and all that jazz)

4. Go see a movie (it’s been FOREVER)

5. Buy an iphone 5, I’m done with blackberries.

46021227411830407_10e6Uej7_bPS. here is a random but super cute picture I found… gaaaah xo