Just finished my last assignment of the semester which is due in tomorrow and then I’m all done  until after Christmas when exams start, but it’s still nice to have a couple of weeks without assignment stress and deadlines.

My last assignment was European Studies and the country that I had to do my case study on was Luxembourg, speaking about the economy, politics and Social factors and go into great detail, it sounds manageable but trust me, the assignment brief was a killer, I’m extremely happy that it’s over and done with because as it was the toughest assignment that I’ve done so far.

As for the actual module itself  i cant WAAAAAAAIT to drop it, I have never been so excited to finish a module don’t get me wrong I love studying about countries ad politics as much as the next person but the workload is CUUUURAZY,  so much that it makes it horrible…so yeah after my exam at Christmas time it will be bye bye European studies.

On another note, here is a photo from last summer of my bestfriend and I in Mexico!! 🙂