College work is draining me at the moment, it’s not fun at all and I feel like giving up at every given moment but that isn’t an option for me.

Finally back in College after my midterm break to the most exciting news…….RED CUPS  ARE BACK IN STARBUCKS!!!!

This makes me incredibly happy as I’m forever running over to the Starbucks on campus buying myself a gingerbread latte!!! They are soooooooo good and I am slowly converting my friends into loving them too, woohooo!!

This weekend I decided not to go home since I’m not working so here I am with my housemates, It’s currently 2 am and were all in the kitchen listening to music and typing out college work, I have spent my day writing out my marketing paper and tomorrow i’ll be spending my day finishing that and studying for my politics exam. arghhhhhh!

Apart from studying myself and my friend decided to make a lasagne from scratch and this is what it looked like!!!

(BTW – it was so good)

Apart from that this is how I spent my evening