Tomorrow is Halloween!!!! I’m so excited that I’m not working and actually get to spend it with some friends since most of us bar one friend all have our week long midterm break from college.

my best friend Michelle’s university don’t give their students a midterm break ( I think they get an extra week longer when they’re on their Christmas holidays) so since she’ll be in college, myself and two of my guy friends thought that it would be a good idea to have a little road trip down to her and spend some time at her university.

In the four years that she’s been studying there I have never had the chance to visit so I am very excited that I get to go down to see her in her final year. She lives with 4 other girls whom I’ve met before and they are throwing a huge Halloween party so that should be fun.

I think im going to dress up as a  dead cow girl!!!

we leave tomorrow and come back friday