I’m hoping to have my laptop fixed this weekend, not only for myself but I have SO much work to do next week which is my final week before midterm. I have an accouting exam, Business technology exam, Tourism Impacts presentation and something else that has slipped my mind but I know I have it, Oh yes Event Managment Essay which is due in so it’s going to be one painful week for me. 😦

I was looking forward to dressing up and going to some fun Halloween college parties but that wont be happening …. boooo!!

Anyways, I’m off work this weekend which means no singing for me, I started the morning studying some formula’s for my Business technology exam which is next friday.

I was supposed to be going out for cocktails with some friends but looks like I might have a quiet night in with my accountancy notes.

I will be THE happiest girl when next week is over, for my midterm break I have lots planned not only getting back into the studio but I have some shows to do AND I’m planning a trip across the country to visit one of my bestfriends and stay with her down at her university house/campus…..SO excited as they are throwing a Halloween party too!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

ps. I came across this cute little puppy on pintrest!!!! I want it sooooooooooooooo bad!!!