Ever since I was young I have loved to travel, fortunatley for me I never suffered from home sickness.

I am a firm believer of ‘Home is where you make it’

I lived in Sweden until I was nine years old, then moved to Ireland where I have lived for the last twelve years and inbetween that I have lived in Greece, America, Uganda, and different cities in Ireland all these places are SO different from eachother but what links them all together is how Happy I was while I was there.

Home can be right where you are, it’s a choice. you can spend your time missing your hometown and forget the amazing place where you are.

as soon as you get to a new place, make it homely. meet the locals, try the local food and embrace it!

I don’t know where i’ll end up for my college placement but im excited.

I want it to be somewhere new, somewhere I’ve never been before.

The opportunity i’m being given excites me 🙂