My internet connection has been down all week in college 😦

Kinda annoying, havn’t been able to check emails and stuff. It’s been a pretty hectic week again but sooooooooooo much fun!

I cant wait until next week when things get abit quieter.

Now that I’m home i’m going to do some work for my placement abroad, i.e update my C.V and try find a country to move to for six months.

My lecturer told me not to go to america or more advised me not to move as it’s too much paperwork and I would be making a loss of money compared to europe. So i’m half thinking of moving to somewhere in Italy! I’m not sure yet.. 😦

decisions, decisions…

Ps. My mom flew to sweden this morning!! she’s already mingling with celebs over there. Missing her and cant wait to see her again next week.