Hello guysssssssssssss.

So I had a little breakout on my face last night, which is weird… i had an allergic reaction to a lip liner that I used and it’s seem to spread a little on the outside of my lip on the right side of my face. It’s so annoying, so my mom came home with some Australian organic creams, sensitive skin (which I have) facewash and alot more for me to use that will hopefully get rid of this little outbreak. 😦

I’m not too worried though aslong as it’s temporary, I have usually had great luck with my skin so I guess it’s my turn to have a few pimples.. 😛 FUN!
I’m heading back to college now in a while, im just finished packing!! I have so much to bring STILL. I dont know what’s wrong with me I always overpack. But I cant wait to head back, tonight we are celebrating two of my housemates Birthdays so it’s straight out for some drinks and a catch up!!

9 am lecture in the morning is going to be a royal PAIN! 😦