Birthplace – I was born in Stockholm Sweden, but moved to Ireland when I was nine years old, so yeah I have lived here in Ireland for 12 years.

Home – Home to me is definatley Ireland. Sweden is who I am and everything but I consider myself half irish too 🙂 and besides I have the strongest irish accent which I never realised I had until I moved over to America for the summer.

College – I’m in college studying Business, Event Management and the Tourism world to be exact. I love my course as it relates to my job, and the Event Managment industry is never boring there is always something exciting and new happening. I am about to start my second year at college and then I have one more year left after that 🙂

Music – Singing is a strong passion of mine, I have been obsessed ever since I was a toddler. I also get paid to sing/travel around Ireland which is pretty fun. I’m in the early stages of writing/recording for my E.P , I havn’t picked a name for it yet but so far I have about 3-4 songs that definatley will make the cut. ‘Tongue Tied’, ‘Superhero’, ‘All I want is you’, and ‘Birthday’, until then I am just writing and writing until I get a bunch of songs that I can pick between. I have tons from when I was younger but I don’t feel like they represent who I am now.  I love nothing more than to write/record my songs and I always have such a good time in the studio.

Friends – I have a good bunch of friends, 95% of them are the ones who I went to school with both primary and secondary school ( Elementary and High school) and then there’s the college friends. I have 4 bestfriends who I’d trust with my life, and they’re the ones who I speak to everyday and who know me the best!

Family – I have 4 older Siblings. Three Brothers, Roy, Michael and Steven, and one older sister Susan. There is about one year and six months between all of us which makes us all extremely close. I have a good fun family and we all have so much fun together. Apart from them I have NO other siblings nor do I want any, They’re the best!

Social life – I do drink Alcohol which is no secret, however I do not smoke. I don’t judge people who do as most of my friends do but me personally I think it’s unattractive, but hey each to their own!

Vacations – Last summer I travelled around the greek islands with my bestfriends we went to Ios, Kos and Santorini! I cant reccommend these places enough especially Ios. If you’re into cute australian/canadian surfer guys and swedish people then this is the place for you!! I have a huge soft spot for greece, the people the weather and the nights out!! This summer we done some travelling in America and next summer I think Thailand/Cambodia might be on the cards…we shall see 🙂

I hope I covered everything, If you want to know anything else then just ask 🙂