Going into Dublin’s fair city tomorrow to run some errands, I’ve got to go buy a new camera charger since I bought my camera over in the states and I can’t seem to find a matching charger for it ANYWHERE not even adapters work, So my mission is to go to the tech geeks and hopefully they’ll be able to help me with something 🙂 I’m trying to have a replacement before Monday when I move back into the new apartment for college. exciting!

I’m also going to the Counter restaraunt tomorrow for some burgers with my sister! I love that place. If you’ve never been it’s basically a chain of restaraunts that allows you to build your own burger. It’s super yummy!! Lots of jalepenos for me pleaseeeeeeeeeee.

This picture is of a burger place that my friend and I discoverd downtown in San Diego, I can’t remember the name of it but we were obsessed with the place and had to stop going because the workers started to recognise us…awkward!

PS. I’m not obessed with burgers haha, rare treat i swear..