So I’m back to college next week for 7months and then I move to California for 6months…….soooooooo excited!! although I don’t know much yet I’m just going with the flow. I was suppose to be leaving Dublin next week to visit Sweden for 6 days, I havn’t been back in almost 4 years (nearly pushing 5) which is ridic really since I have family/friends there and it’s home!! I’m just growing a stong love for Dublin and seeing the rest of the world that I’ve been distracted. So yeah, the trip is off as i have so much happening next week and getting on a flight to sweden is kind of the last thing I should be doing. I’ll regret my decision but I know it’s the right one.

Me with the lovley Asher Roth,  (yes the one who sings ”I love College”) We hung out last time he was here in Dublin with a bunch of friends,

I have alot of time for him, he’s so down to earth, super cool and friendly.