Last night was so much fun, we started off at one of the girls houses and then moved on to a bar where we had a drink or two and danced a little and then moved onto the nightclub which we didn’t end up leaving until like 4.30 in the morning. my feet were KILLING me at this stage from all the dancing and walking around.

And from running away from creepy men.

I am so tired this morning, I think we all died a little, some of the girls had to get up for 9am to go to their teaching practice and lectures (they’re back in college already) the rest of us slept until 2 o clock!!! We then drove to stock up on food and then watched planet of the Apes and now im finally home at 7pm!! Have to go sing in an hour and im so tired!!!

Here are some pictures from last night, I didnt take alot of photo’s ;-(