I have had such a long day today, I’m so tired. Met up with my friends this morning and off to dublin city we went to do some shopping.

I don’t know what It was but I could hardly find anything to wear for tonight, so dissapointed in what’s out in stores at the moment so I eventually settled with this dress that I found in Forever 21.

(excuse my face I look so rough)

Another item I bought was my FAVORITE Mascara, I love it so much!! especially because my lashes are tiny so this is the only mascara that does anything for me. I also bought another pair of contact lenses, I sometimes wear green contacts and I havn’t for awhile and now some friends told me that I should wear them again so i said I would, starting TONIGHT 🙂

We then went to my favorite mexican food joint (Burritos & Blues) and then bought a smoothie and sat out in St Stephens green which is Dublin’s version of central park, but alot smaller. 🙂

I’m off for a little nap now and then I have to start getting ready for tonight, my nails are ridic right now so I have to get them did ect..

Reaaaaaally looking forward to tonight.

Bring it on 😀