I miss my besfriend, we’ve been apart all summer, I was in California working for 2months + and she’s in Thailand for a month.

I miss my partner in crime, not long until she’s home and when she is we have like 4 days to catch up and hang out and then we both move away for college which were both equally excited about.

I cant wait to have my parner in crime in the same country as me!!! EEEEEEEEEK.

Michelle and I @ Redbull Salzburg Hockey game in Salzburg.

At the Races. annual occasion for us apart from this year I was away for it, first time in three years that I’ve missed it. 😦

The races are a massive occasion here, Michelle’s family own race horses so they are usually racing while were down there.

We go with a bunch of friends, book a hotel (same one every year) and get the prettiest dresses and basically at night time the city turns into the place to be with fun people from all over the country and abroad, lots of champagne, and great pubs and nightclubs.

I love it so much!