Back into the world of blogging! Have been asked to set one up again by friends and family abroad and for months I’ve told myself that I will, but I never did. So today is the day i’m starting fresh!

It’s the 15th of August (my lovley friends buuurfday, hello Miricle) and I have no less than 4 weeks left until I begin my second year of college. I should really have graduated this summer but that’s another days story. I’m super happy and cannot WAIT to get back to collegeland, I have missed my lovley friends. TONS.

Besides that I had a wonderful summer in the states. California to be precise, I lived in San Diego for the majority of the 2 and a half months that I spent there and I have to say it’s one of THE most amazing, comfortable, and friendliest places that I have ever been. Everything was within reach, good places to shop, pacific and mission beach, and course great pubs and clubs!
While i was across the pond I got the opportunity to travel to Vegas, I got the see the AMAZING Gran canyon, and of course a little bit of travel around LA! Being home in rainy Ireland I wish I could turn back the clock and move back there with my bestfriends and have the best time with the new friends that we made but theres always next year when I away for 6months placement for college…..I’m thinking back to Cali!!